Welcome to my first post on teachable. I am honored to be part of this community and look forward to working with couples across the USA!

When we think of the difference between a friend and spouse, we always hold the spouse in higher esteem. The reality is, we bicker with our spouse about trivial and often stupid things. We never bicker with our friends this way, they just wouldn't put up with it. We can have the “nagging wife” or the “useless husband” but we don't have friends like this. If we have nagging friends, we simply wouldn't be friends anymore.

Now if we were to switch this upside down, then we would treat our spouse more like a friend and be more considerate of their feelings. When it comes to sex, lovemaking, playing with sex toys, foreplay and all those excellent adult erotic pleasures that we enjoy with our marriage partner, sure we don't have sex with our friends, but it would be more explosive if we did because we wouldn't have annoyances following us into the bedroom. Intrigued on this theory? Enroll in my class and let's deepen our marriage bonds! Have a great day!